Every lemony sip is a burst of sweet, fruity and natural flavour. Wilson’s Old-Fashioned, Iced Tea & Pink lemonades are delicious blends of nature’s goodness that add sunshine and an extra zing to your day.

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Wilson’s premium Lemonades are the perfect natural beverages to refresh your taste buds. Our fruits are sourced from local farms, and squeezed and processed in a modern & hygienic environment. 

Old fashioned

An all-time classic! Enjoy Wilson’s unique blend with just the perfect balance of sweet and tart. While our lemonade is inspired by the American southern charm, we’ve created an absolute Naija classic with our Wilson’s Lemonade.


Our blend of sweet and tart specially prepared with hibicus tea leaves infused with Old-fashioned lemonade to make your tastebuds tickle with delight and a lovely red colour.


This brilliant combination of real black tea leaves, touch of mint and Wilson’s old fashioned lemonade is the most satisfying, refreshing and perfect drink to quench your thirst. The absolute deliciousness of this beverage, with a fresh tea taste, will have your taste buds singing a new tune. 

Ambassadors and #Lemoclub

Wilson’s Lemonade is a renowned beverage brand, and our natural, and healthy lemonades are marketed and distributed nationwide. The seasonal ambassador & #lemoclub platforms serve to inspire hope, creativity and positive energy through partnerships with young fly Nigerians already living the #Wilsonslifestyle. 

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our story

Wilson’s lemonade began with “a naira and a dream…”

Made with real lemons & limes, & Not-from-concentrate, we set out to harness nature’s resources to deliver a satisfying variety of delicious natural beverages. We have been sharing our bits of sunshine in a bottle, and encouraging people to live a more creative, proactive & positive life with Wilson’s Lemonade.

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Every sip of Wilson’s Lemonade is a vibrant & refreshing beginning. We are—and if not, we definitely want to be—in your neighborhood… Find a store near you & sip away. #Sippingisbelieving! Want to see Wilson’s at a store near you? We’d love to know!