Are you creative & interested in Creating Better…  with Wilson's? 

We have two unique ways people can work with us.

Are you a creative that loves Wilson’s lemonade, and lives the #wilsonslifestyle and want to:

  1. spread the #lemojoy
  2. share the #lemodeliciousness
  3. promote the #lemogoodness
  4. expan the #lemolove


If this describes you, we’d love to work with you… check out the collaboration opportunities below: 


This program is open to creative social media influencers with an active and organic following. The seasonal ambassador is voted into this position by his or her followers and is expected to be an embodiment of the Wilsons Lifestyle in appearance, values and ethics. The activities of our seasonal ambassadors include:

  • Increasing brand awareness and sales by representing the Wilson’s brand in a positive light through their…..
  • Utilization of smart promotional strategies that strengthen the customer-product relationship


Showcasing the Wilson’s brand and products via social media, by word of mouth and display of merchandise, stickers etc.


The #Lemoclub is a thriving community of people who love to consume lemonade and are associated with the Wilson’s brand. Here, we aim to foster an active community of people who live the Wilson’s lifestyle.

#LEMOCLUB members are passionate about sharing sunshine and fun. We are an exclusive community of young, fun-loving people who enjoy the good life and know how to live it. Our #LemoClub is open to hip & vibey people who are active on social media.  Share your details below and we will get back to you.


The Wilsons Lifestyle is for the young and trendy who flow with the swagger of  sunshine, good vibes and fun. You are living the Wilson’s Lifestyle if you: .

  • Enjoy going out…
  • Is often the trendsetter amongst your friends…
  • Have great taste & don’t mind spending money for a quality experience…
  • Are unique & not afraid to venture out and do what you love…
  • Love to discover new things…
  • Thrive on exploring the world around you…